So, segregated proms are still happening in 2013

Still sick and feeling lethargic but I had to write a post when I read this Gawker piece.  According to  the article,  Georgia teens from Wilcox county are trying to raise money for an integrated prom. Apparently segregated proms that are privately held are the norm.When I read this, I was shocked.

Look, I know racism and bigotry is still happening and as a person of color, I experience it. But, why allow such a situation to continue?  The article says that the segregated proms are funded by parents and students. The school doesn’t hold a prom. I feel that the principal is just washing his hands off the problem. He knows the situation is wrong but doesn’t want to amend it. He could just rectify by holding a prom in the school. I see through your excuses, Mr. Principal. 

Hope these teens succeed in holding an integrated prom. At least, the teens are living in 2013 and not 1950.

Anyway, still cannot wrap my head around this. For all the racism in Canada, this will not be allowed to happen here.


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