Brown Parent Quirks: Discussing Bowel Movements Publicly

Your parents can embarrass you in ways that no one can. My parents love discussing the bowel movements of their children. This is a typical conversation in my family.

Me: My stomach hurts.

Dad: Did you go the bathroom?

Me (embarrassed): Yes, Dad.

Dad: It’s probably constipation. Go, drink some water and try again.

Me (defensive): It could be something else…Maybe I ate something…

Dad: Nah, pretty sure its constipation. By the way, I asked at work and my colleague told me about this home cure. She said your daughter’s stomach will feel better.

Me (mortified and angry): Why do you have to do this? Why? Stop talking about me at work!


My parents cracked jokes about this topic with their friends in front of me. They are so mean.


P.S: I will do a follow up to my previous post. I just need time to edit my draft.


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