5 things I like about Indian culture

1. Food: Well, this is no surprise. Indian food is delicious. I also like the diversity. Sadly, the food that is most popular among Canadians is from one region of  India.  There is more to Indian food then butter Chicken people. Although, I do love me some Punjabi food as my mom hails from that region.Right now, I am really loving the cuisine from Andhra region. They have the best rice varieties but good luck finding it in Indian restaurant menus.

2. Clothing: God, I love Indian clothes. I find Sari to be extremely elegant and Salwar Kameez to be very practical. Lehengas are sexy and sophisticated. I just love the use of color, fabric, embroidery, beading and the attention to detail in Indian clothes.

3. Dance: From classical to folk, I love Indian dance forms. Then, there is Bollywood which is a mashup of everything. I really cannot dance but I enjoy seeing other people dance especially if they do folk dances like Bhangra or Garba.

4.Wedding: Indian weddings are beautiful and intricate. I do think they could be less extravagant but i enjoy a lot of the symbolism that goes on in our weddings. My favorite parts are the mehendi (henna) night and the reception.

5.Family: Indian families are very close. In India, your cousin is like your sibling and your second cousin is considered like your first cousin. My dad is especially close to his cousins and we have large number of relatives. Family gatherings are fun and weddings a riot.


Sorry for the late post but I am sick again. So, tired.


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