Another Canadian teen loses life to bullying

We’ve all heard about the Amanda Todd case. Then, there was the Steubenvile victim in Ohio. Now, there is news about a teen suicide in Nova Scotia, Canada. Rehtaeh Parsons was raped by four boys at a party and her picture was taken by one of the perpetrators. This photo was passed around and the teen was subsequently bullied in school. The parents contacted the police but they felt they couldn’t do much with the evidence.

First of all, I just feel for the parents who lost their young daughter. Second, I am angry that the police could not charge those young men with rape. This is why we need to tackle rape culture. There needs to be more education in schools. I was a victim of bullying too but during middle school, Facebook and Twitter did not exist. Nowadays, kids have cellphones and cannot leave such hateful messages behind. We need to find a way to save these kids.

If anyone reading this post knows a kid or teen going through a hard time, here is the Kids Help phone number: 1-800-668-6868.



3 thoughts on “Another Canadian teen loses life to bullying

  1. It’s hard to believe the cop-out about “can’t do anything” when it was posted on the internet! Also, what is wrong with our laws if anyone can post photos of anything on the net without consequences? This can’t be for real! Our politicians need to imagine their own kids’ images (or their own!) all over the internet and adapt laws to the modern world!

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