Navratri festival begins today!

So, today is the start of Navratri festival. It is a 9-day festival hence the name Nav(9) Ratri(nights). During this festival, 9 froms of Shakti (Godess Durga) are celebrated. When I was a little girl in India, I always found Navratri to be one of my favorite festivals.  During the last two days, I would get money and Halwa(dessert) from my parents, relatives and neighbors. For some reason I thought I was getting money because I was special. However in reality during the last three days, pre-pubescent girls are ceremonially worshiped  This is called Kanya Poojan. Some of the wealthier neighbors used to give me additional presents like bangles, costume jewellery,  cosmetics, pretty Indian scarves, steel bowls etc. They also used to wash our feet and asked for our blessings. The blessing part used to make me feel so important. No wonder, I had such a big ego as a kid. When I was a little girl, I also thought I should create a religion and people should follow it. My religion’s rule was simple. Instead of getting money only on certain festivals, I should get money every day. My parents put an end to that dream.

In certain Indian states like Gujrat,  Navratri is celebrated by Garba and Dandiya Raas (folk dances). Here is a Bollywood Garba song. Enjoy 😀


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