Update on Rehtaeh Parsons case

So, the hacker group Anonymous has threatened to out the boys, police officers and administrators  involved in this case. Read more about it here. I don’t agree with such actions but I understand the sentiment behind it. A lot of people seem to be blaming the teachers but they don’t understand how powerless teachers are. When I was bullied, my grade 7 homeroom teacher confronted the bully in front of me. The bully cussed out my teacher and slammed the door on her face. The teacher wept in the classroom and I just ended up feeling worse. Suspensions do not work on some kids. We need to overhaul the education system so it works for all types of children. The laws were made before the internet and social media sites became popular. The laws need to be updated. Parents need to pay attention to their children and ask them tough questions. If your child is being bullied, listen to them. If your child is a bully, make them understand their actions were wrong. In order, to prevent such a tragedy, everyone needs to take responsibility.

Some links that are useful:

Bullying Prevention– a WordPress site dedicated to tackling Bullying.

Kids Help Phone line-It is anonymous and a good resource for children going through hardships at school or home.

Prevenet-a good resource for parents, teachers or children suffering from bullying. The site is bilingual.

Bullying.org-a site that bring awareness to this problem. Another good resource for parents.



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