Three Faces of Bullying

The New B.P

Workplace bullying, children bullying, and mobbing are not the same.

15301849-sign-bullying-and-mobbingBullying in school and workplace settings is a serious problem that demoralizes, dehumanizes and destroys people. But while efforts to raise awareness of bullying and its impacts are vital, all too often the solutions that are proposed are counterproductive because they gloss over the important distinctions among different forms of interpersonal aggression. Three significant forms of aggression that merit such differentiation are bullying among children, workplace bullying, and workplace mobbing. One of the fundamental weaknesses in much of the discussion on bullying has been the failure to adequately distinguish between bullying among children and workplace bullying. This distinction is critical to informed discussion and effective policy because the two forms of interpersonal aggression reflect vastly different power relations. In bullying in schools, the instigators of the aggression are children, and the enforcers of policy are adults who are not under…

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