PSY is a major D-bag!

So, I ‘ve been a fan of K-pop since 2007. I like a lot of YG artists (record company of PSY). I was all excited for his new video. I know a lot of people were annoyed by Gangnam Style(it was overplayed). Also, a lot of people thought PSY was a one hit wonder. This is not true. He had success and recognition in South Korea way before Gangnam Style became a viral hit. People thought his songs had no value. Gangnam Style was a clever critique of the materialistic culture in Korea. So, I was excitedly looking forward to PSY’s Gentleman.

 Reaction before the video



Reaction after the video

Instead, I got a video where PSY is acting like a douche especially to ladies. If you look at PSY’s previous videos, he had self deprecating humor in it. This video was a rehash of Gangnam Style. What made this video tolerable was inclusion of Infinity cast members(weird dancers and yellow suit guy) and Ga-In(the chick who kicks his stool). PSY’s new video already has broken record but I hope in the future  PSY goes back to being his original, awesome self.

BTW, the dance they do is a twist to Abracadabra dance by Brown Eyed Girls. Ga-In is a member of that group. Enjoy the original, glorious version.


P.S: I know this post has nothing to do with South Asia or Canada but fan girl gotta vent her frustration. I will go back to writing regular posts tomorrow.


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