Who needs Google when you have kids

My Dad called me yesterday from work. He works at a dairy company that provides products to some fancy schmancy restaurants in Toronto.

Dad: Hello, beta, can you tell me what the proper word for thick milk is. Gadda Doodh? You know?

Me: Whole milk?

Dad: Can you please check?

Me: 1-minute Google search confirms that Whole milk is the right word. The milk contains 50% fat content; hence it is thicker in consistency then skim milk.

I call my dad and tell him that the right word is whole milk. What baffled me about the whole conversation was that my dad’s office has computers. They also have internet access yet my dad calls me. This isn’t the first time. I also function as a spell check. Beta, what is the proper spelling of this word? I don’t know. My spelling is atrocious. I use Microsoft Word with spell check or Google to see if I am spelling correctly. My sister told me that if  I am not available, he will call her and ask her for the spelling of certain words.  Should we feel honored that we are more valuable than Google or just annoyed?


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