In Third World, Life isn’t black and white.

In the wake of tragedy in Bangladesh, many people are trying to be socially conscious. People want to buy local made products and yeah, that is all fine. But, they miss the big picture. In this Globalized world, you sadly cannot rely on just products made in Canada/USA. It is impossible. You don’t want to buy products from big corporations that outsource labor to third parties. I understand that. These parties work as middlemen where they give those contracts to local companies that pay low wages. The workers have no protection at all. However, if you feel that you will wash your hands off such unethical practices by merely buying products that are made in your first world country, then you are sorely mistaken. Those 14 cent wages that those Bangladeshi workers earn saves them from starving/begging. Taking away their jobs is not the solution. You want to help? Why don’t you support education initiatives in that country? A citizenry that is educated is more likely to pick less corrupt officials and more likely to know their rights. You really want to help? Why don’t you push corporations to stop using middlemen to outsource their dirty work? Push for greater accountability from them. But, please stop taking jobs away from the poorest of the poor. They don’t want you first world charity. They want your support. An Industrialized Bangladesh is more likely to increase its wages over the years. So, let them industrialize their country but support projects that allow for sustainable development. Stop imposing your first world morality on them.


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