Nerdy Sundays: Pew Survey Edition

Do you think you know more about Science and Technology than average Americans? Do you care to find out? Then take this quiz at Pew Research Center. It is a quick, short quiz. After taking the quiz, tell me about your results. Be honest. I got 12 out of 13. Not happy. The questions are very easy, so do not be worried. I think your results will be better then mine. I know all my readers to be very smart because I read your blogs and you all write thoughtful, interesting posts.  Anyway, I am a Canadian who is smarter then average Americans even though I totally messed up one of my answers. If you want to remain anonymous, just send me an e-mail. There is no naming and shaming in this blog.

BTW, if you cooperate and comment, it might lead to a more serious discussion about education in US and Canada.

Looking forward to your results.


3 thoughts on “Nerdy Sundays: Pew Survey Edition

  1. I had taken this quiz earlier and also got 12/13. The stats at the end were definitely interesting: I was shocked that more people knew what fracking was than knew what was the main component of the atmosphere, considering I literally had never heard of fracking in my life yet had known the other since elementary school. But I guess my science teachers just emphasized different things than others. The generational differences in the stats were also interesting and exactly what would be expected.

    • Yeah, I think 12 out of 13 is good enough. I think fracking was popularized in media. Wasn’t there a Matt Damon movie on it? I was surprised that how many people got worse scores then us. This will happens when you listen to certain groups that emphasize religion over science. Not teaching evolution to kids is a dumb thing.

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