Trying new things isn’t always so easy

I am a picky eater. I am also vegetarian. This means that I quite consciously exclude certain food groups from my diet. However, despite being a vegetarian, I will try something new once. This was a rule my parents came up with when I was young. So, I tried vegetarian sushi yesterday. My brother who had sushi before liked it a lot. So, in some ways I was excited to try it. Anyway, the whole experience was rather gross. Since, I paid for most of the food, I felt a lot of regret. I could have gone for Dosa or some Ravioli. In hindsight, it was a waste of money, yet I did gain a valuable experience. I tried a new cuisine, didn’t like it. Now, I know I hate Sushi. Anyway, despite the terrible experience of last night, I will keep trying new things. I want to try some Korean dishes but I’ll get my mom to prepare them at home. I don’t enjoy paying money for terrible food. Anyway, I heard some dishes in Korea use gochujang(a spicy red pepper paste). Yeah, I just need to stick with spicy foods or dishes with lots of cheese and butter. Now, I am craving quiche. Dang it!

Have you ever had a terrible experience with certain cuisine? Was it too spicy or bland for you? Was it the texture that made the dish horrible?


One thought on “Trying new things isn’t always so easy

  1. I was raised in Texas so I love the American version of Mexican food. I find it a big stretch to appreciate Chinese food, even the American versions of it (which I am told by a Chinese grad student here, are not even vaguely authentic). My worst experience was trying lox. Just not my thing. And I don’t like sushi, even when my son the really really good cook makes it for me.
    Here is an ethnic menu item you might try, at least it might be southern US but no one I have met outside my own family makes this (I live in northern NY now and have been out of the south for a long time): peanut butter and scrambled egg sandwiches. It should be good bread, not fake bread, toasted and buttered, with salt and pepper to taste. You can use fried eggs instead; just as good. Even if I were rich and could afford fancy stuff, this is something I would keep loving.
    I also am craving quiche just from you post.

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