I have been attacked

Dear readers, I’ve been very troubled for the past 2 days. You see, I have been attacked by Pimplus Eruptus. Okay, it is just a bad case of acne that I never had to experience as a teenager. Lest you think I am exaggerating, I will let you know that I am also getting a pimple at the tip of my nose. Who gets a pimple at that spot? This month has been extremely stressful for me and maybe I am not eating well. I am trying a new skincare routine to battle the blemishes but seriously, I am not liking the way my face looks. Plus, it gets itchy and painful. Yes, this is a superfluous blog post. I understand there is war and famine going on in other parts of the world. But, my face still belongs to me and I can’t get rid of it.  It really impacts the way I feel. Any suggestions on how to battle blemishes? Home remedies? I do have sensitive skin so nothing with lemon. My face will turn into an angrier shade of red.

P.S: Give me one more week to settle into the new home and then I will update regularly. Also, I promise to post picture of the new place.


We worry about insignificant things

Yesterday, I slipped on the stairs and hit my head hard on the edge. At that moment, fear took hold of me and I thought, is this it? Will I die? Luckily, I was fine and just got a big bump on my head and bruises on my legs. In that brief moment, I had an Epiphany. I realized that most of us spend our whole lives worrying about insignificant things. How many of us stress over our commute to work everyday? Do we get all nervous when we are late? How about stressing over our appearance? We spend most of our lives thinking about these things and consequentially are unhappy. Now, I am not saying, do not take things in life seriously. Coming to work on time is good but you can only control so many things in your life. If there is bad traffic and you left work on time, you cannot do anything. Stop being irritable. Just take a deep breath. You are alive and this means that you have the rest of day to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Relax and enjoy life because it can be gone any moment. Really we all need to cherish our lives because it is precious.

Homophobia and South Asian community in Canada

Homosexuality is not discussed much in South Asian cultures. Well, heterosexual sexuality is not discussed either so homosexuality which is considered abnormal is far from everyone’s mind. If you’ve read my previous posts, you would know I was 12 when I moved to Canada. It is here that I actually first learned about homosexuality. I know this makes me sound very ignorant but I did grow up in a small town. These topics were not discussed in good middle class homes. India does have Hijras (the transgendered/eunachs) but no explanation was given to me.  For the first time here, I realized that there were people who fell in love with another person of same sex.  It was weird to me and it took about a year for me to wrap my head around it. But, eventually, I came to accept it as normal and part of life. There were people who were different from me but they had the right to live a happy life. Sadly, not everyone from South Asian community comes to that understanding. I do think younger South Asian Canadians are more accepting. There are also older and wiser people who are  fine with it. Nevertheless, a silent majority still exists that is homophobic. Now, you won’t hear much about South Asians beating up any gay men or punishing a lesbian woman. Most of the older generation wouldn’t even recognize if you are gay unless you explicitly state it to them. Even then, they might just act awkwardly around you or avoid you.  But, they are quite intolerant when it comes to South Asian LGBT community. I feel it is much harder for a South Asian man/woman to come out of closet. Even if parents are accepting, the larger South Asian community isn’t. Again, the concept of izzat comes to play. You might lose izzat if your son marries another man. People might blame you for raising your son wrong. It is quite an awful thing. Now, I understand that these problems exist in the larger Canadian society as well. Sure, Canada is quite progressive when it comes to laws. But behind the thin veneer of politeness, there exists deep intolerance. The hope again lies with the young people. They are more accepting of people that are different from them. Although, even among young people, there is homophobia.  Hopefully, educating people helps with understanding. The western media is slowly doing a better job of portraying LGBT characters. My mom’s favorite talk show is Ellen and she doesn’t care about her sexuality. Progress!

I would love to hear from from people who experienced intolerance due to their sexuality. How did you overcome it? Please share your experiences as there are many young people who are being bullied and suffering  due to intolerance in their communities. Your views might help them and the broader community in accepting and dealing with homosexuality.

I just hit a milestone!

Thank you each and everyone of you for following, reading and commenting on my blog. Your feedback, love and support means a lot to me. I now have 50 followers. Woo Hoo! Now, this might be a very small number but for me it matters a lot. Thank you. Oh, today is the closing of our new home. We get the keys today so it is a happy day for me. Now, that the home situation will be finally settled in the coming weeks, I hope to write more as I will be  less busy in my daily life. Have a great day everyone 🙂


Praying for Oklahoma

Oklahoma and other American states were hit by Tornadoes. The devastation there is really quite something. I couldn’t look at the pictures on various news site. Many people died in the aftermath including children. Praying for the families living there. I am posting a link to Oklahoma’s Department of Emergency. Stay safe!

Indian Aunties and Wedding Proposals

Yesterday, I went to a close family friend’s home. We were invited for dinner and since their house is only a year old, they were giving us valuable suggestions. The lovely Mistress of that home, the auntiji asked my mom when I will be getting married?  Have they started looking for a suitable rishta ( marriage proposal)? My Mom told her I will get married when they find a handsome billionaire. My mom is awesome. Anyway, my worst nightmare is starting to come true. All of my family friends and relatives are starting to inquire about my single status. Leave me alone, people! I do not want to get married anytime soon.

I applaud my mom trolling auntiji’s

Toronto has the most ridiculous Mayor

I was a student at University of Toronto when Rob Ford was elected as the mayor. A lot of people in the downtown core despise him. Ford was able to win due to his anti-taxes, small government supporters from the suburban areas such as Scarborough and Etobicoke. No, 905 area (Brampton, Mississauga) were not involved. They have their own mayors. Now, recently Gawker alleges it saw a video of Ford smoking crack. I do not even know what to say. Just remember you picked the guy Torontonians. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed!

Now for some amusement-Rob Ford Gifs

P.S: The link to Gawker site has a whole list of Ford’s past uncouth behavior. Also, the post is kinda thin because I have no internet connection. Currently writing from a public library. I still haven’t finished my packing but exhaustion has set in. The moving day is coming closer and closer and I am panicking.