Brown Parent Quirks: Expecting Excellence

Brown parents do not accept mediocre results from you. That B you got on your test might as well be an F. In the eyes of Indian parents, nothing short of an A will satisfy them. I remember when I had to switch High School after my parents moved. The guidance counselor from the new school told me I had good grades but I needed to do more extracurricular activities. My dad was so perplexed when he heard that. He kept muttering to himself that I had a B in math. How could this counselor call me a good student? I am a fairly recent graduate from University. I majored in History and Political Science. My parents were not happy with my decision but nevertheless supported me. My dad recently told me he would like me to go to Law school. I am pondering over it. This fall, I will go back to do a Post-graduate diploma and Co-Op. But now I am thinking after that course, should I study for LSAT?  I did want to be a Judge when I was a little girl. Nah, I just wanted my own gavel.  Anyway, Indian parents are a lot like East Asian parents. They expect excellence and you need to deliver it.


P.S: My parents are a lot less strict then some parents. None of my siblings went into some science program. So yeah, they are very easy going.


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