Why I am single?

When I was in University, other people talked about meeting hot people in the clubs. They would ask me about my experiences. What do you think about this or that club?

Me: I don’t go to clubs. But, I have other interests…like I read books….Oh, I also read mangas/manhwas….Um, also I read webcomics….yes, almost forgot about them.  I means who wants to go to clubs right? I just stay home and party in my head. Anyway, clubs are full of douchebags! Oh no, not that I was implying you…Um…Ha Ha Ha….Look at that guy….what is he doing?


3 thoughts on “Why I am single?

  1. Well, people have different interests in life. Le’ts just say that going to club isn’t your cup of tea. At least, you like to read books and comics! It’s fun! Keep it up.. 🙂

    P.S. I like animes. They’re so interesting. haha


  2. Hey, sometimes you really have to be patient, and eventually you’ll find yourself not so single anymore.

    Also, reading is always good. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!! xD

    • LOL, I am okay with being single for now. Since if my parents found out I was in a relationship they would want me to get married immediately. Oh, i love books and never will give them up. Probably end up marrying a bookworm which is fine with me 🙂

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