I am not a Party Pooper, I swear

Hey, I don’t drink alcohol and I am a vegetarian but that doesn’t mean you should stop inviting me to your parties. No, vegetarians cannot eat Fish or Chicken. No, it doesn’t matter if you call yourself a vegetarian but have meat once a week. Look, never-mind  I don’t need alcohol to have fun. I get high on sugar and spice and all things nice. No, I am Indian, I really do like spice. I can have fun.

I can dance while watching Jeopardy!

Dear readers, I have another announcement to make, I am moving. No, not moving the blog. I am moving to a new place (Our brand new home) because the place we are renting is gross and has rats, ants and other creepy bugs. Yuck!So, there might not be regular updates because I am busy. I will be moving at the end of May so that is when I will probably go an 2-day hiatus. I will have no internet connection. Sob! Sob! I hope it will be only 2 days because more then writing,I enjoy reading your blogs.


8 thoughts on “I am not a Party Pooper, I swear

  1. Alcohol is overrated….I drink only occasionally…maybe once or twice a year….i’m just too busy to be getting buzzed or drunk…..but; coffee is to die for 🙂

    • LOL, Yeah I drink coffee too and eat chocolate, lots of chocolate. I have no problem with caffeinated stuff. I just refuse to drink or smoke or do any sort of illegal drugs. They just do not appeal to me. I find them gross.

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