Why doesn’t Canada use R2P to intervene in Syria?

Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is a doctrine that came out of Canada after the Rwandan Genocide. It has been accepted internationally and states that if a State is unable to protect its own citizenry, the international community can intervene in order to protect those citizens. R2P is not an international law but is mandated by the UN. Military action is seen as the last resort and other measures such as economic sanctions are encouraged. Canada has used R2P  to successfully  protect civilians during the war in Kosovo. We all know Syria is fighting a massive, bloody Civil War. Then, why is there a reluctance to intervene? Why hasn’t the diplomatic community not been successful in getting Russia acquiesce to our demands. Russia is a permanent member of the UN security Counsel and has the power to veto any actions. They support the Syrian regime as does Iran. So, far any attempt by the UN to have a ceasefire has failed. More and more people are dying. Is the reluctance because we are currently fighting another war in Afghanistan? Or simply, we only intervene in countries that are much weaker then us. Are we afraid of what will emerge in post-Bashar Syria? Western countries have a history of supporting dictators because they listen to us. Will Syria turn into another Rwanda? Regardless of the outcome of who will prevail in the Syrian war, the minorities are in a perilous situation. We need clear answers from our government. Do you want to help or not?

I need answers.


2 thoughts on “Why doesn’t Canada use R2P to intervene in Syria?

  1. good questions…..no answers from where I sit….
    I wonder the same thing about the U.S…..

    One thing that bothers me is that there has been slavery going on in the Ivory Coast for as long as I can remember…child slaves used to harvest cocoa….and none of the developing nations seem to care 😦

    • That’s because we are hypocrites. I mean how people sitting in US and Canada even care about the ongoing wars. We would rather talk about Honey Boo Boo child and the Kardashians. We have failed many African nations and we just don’t care about them sadly. Our mining companies work with despotic regimes and uses good PR to hide their dirty work back home. It is a mess.

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