Dear Americans, I do not understand your obsession with guns?

I do not understand America’s gun culture in the 21st century. I do not understand why individuals need guns to protect themselves in the present day. There is no reason to worry as you have law enforcement officers. It is not like America is an anarchist state and people need guns to survive. Institutions work fine in America. Sure, there is some corruption but not to the extent it cripples their ability to perform given tasks. You have had tragedies after tragedies and people advocating gun control. Yet some people in America act like if the the government passes such bills, it is stealing their right to breathe air. Plenty of other countries have stringent gun laws and are much safer than America. So, why do you want guns so badly? I am all for you firing guns at a shooting range because you find it fun. Why do you need it in your homes? Some deranged individual opened fire at Mother’s Day Parade in New Orleans yesterday but people still do not want to take any actions to solve this problem. I do not think Americans will ever ban guns but at least pass stringent background checks on individuals obtaining firearms. Do something at least?


17 thoughts on “Dear Americans, I do not understand your obsession with guns?

  1. “I do not understand why individuals need guns to protect themselves in the present day. There is no reason to worry as you have law enforcement officers.”

    Two questions may suggest the rational answer to your question:

    1. How long does it take for police to respond to a call for help?

    2. How much damage can a criminal or psycho do to you, or your loved ones while you wait, unarmed and defenseless, while you wait for the police to arrive to protect you?

    In Canuck-land do the police have a legal responsibility to protect you as an individual? If they do, then you should be able to sue the police for failure to protect you. Can you do that?

    For the United States the answer is a clear cut “NO!” The Supreme Court ruled some time ago that the police do not have a particular legal duty to protect an individual, but only an overall general duty to protect the community as a whole.

    Therefore if the police have no legal responsibility to protect you, and you may wait a significant amount of time for them to arrive on the scene, then ultimately and logically who is the real _first_ responder to your self defense emergency?

    Unless you are completely irrational then obviously you now realize that you are the first responder, and therefore it is horrendously immoral and unjust for government to attempt to prevent you from having efficient means to defend yourself, or your family.

    I am licensed in Texas to carry a concealed handgun in public. I perform my moral duty to protect myself and my family. Can you do that?


    • Thank you for commenting. I believe you can sue the first responders if excessive force is used or they fail to show up. No one has sued them for failing to protect their family members. I believe like America they wouldn’t be allowed to. If a deranged person shows up in my house I would call 911 as I have enough faith in my institutions. Also, stringent gun laws mean that the likelihood of the intruder possessing firearms is low. So, yeah not too worried. In fact, my old neighbourhood was so safe that people didn’t always lock their doors.There is obviously something wrong in America if people are so afraid of others. I perform my moral duty by paying higher taxes that support such institutions so the responsibility to protect loved ones doesn’t fall on an individual but the whole community. Community as a whole is safer, no need for guns. 🙂

  2. “I do not think Americans will ever ban guns but at least pass stringent background checks on individuals obtaining firearms. Do something at least?”

    Tongue, slightly in cheek, leads me to this response:

    Maybe after we overthrow the government trying to establish tyranny and no longer fear the government we can get around to background checks, if we still think they are necessary. 🙂


  3. I live in the country and law enforcement doesn’t live in my house, they are, at best, 20 minutes away. I “choose” to provide myself with a way of self defense as is my constitutional right. That’s why. The fact that you do not understand is of no concern to me.

  4. Why are they so afraid and what exactly are they afraid of? People coming into their house and shooting them? So basically, they are afraid of people like themselves? People with guns. If the people didn’t have guns, they wouldn’t be so vigilant. -__- There is crime everywhere and having guns isn’t going to help lower it. It’s so pointless.

    • Don’t you think that if a lunatic breaks into your home with a gun that it would be better if you had a gun? Don’t you think that if some of the teachers in Sandy Hook had guns that less children might have been killed? Do you really think that an intimate object is the problem or could it be the evil people that use them? It’s hard for me to explain a freedom you’ve never experienced, but I’m trying. I’ve been to countless gun show, gun stores and gun rallies and have never witnessed a shooting. my way of thinking is that it’s better to have a gun and not need it than to need one and not have it. Peacefully trying to explain the way I see gun ownership.
      Respectfully Steve.

      • No, no and no. I’d secure my home properly and if someone came in demanding money or whatever, I’d give it up. It’s common sense. Don’t you think if guns weren’t so easily accessible, there would be no Sandy Hook shooting? People are not born good or evil, they become that way and I think having access to guns just makes it easier for them to misuse it and become bad. Freedom? Having legal access to guns means freedom to you? I feel very free without that. Of course you have a right to your opinion and if you feel that having guns rather than not having them (for safety) is good and right, then so be it. It’s your opinion and that’s perfectly fine. I personally see no reason for it and see more cons than pros of people having guns. 🙂

      • Cool, I appreciate a level headed discussion. I can certainly accept where you are coming from and it is not my intention to convince you otherwise, only to explain where I’m coming from. I agree that, based on my experiences in life, a certain amount if paranoia is guiding my thought process. Thank you for this exchange of ideas, it’s caused me a deeper level of reflection.


      • Thank you for commenting Steve :)Actually Sandy Hook shooting would have less fatalities if the perpetrator did not have firearms. While Sandy Hook shootings were happening, a lunatic in China also entered the Chenpeng village Primary School. He stabbed 22 children who were injured but no one died. Contrast this to Sandy Hook. Guns kill people. They had no chance. Do you really advocate teachers to have guns? What if one of the teachers turns out to be a lunatic. I wouldn’t send my kids to school if the teachers had firearms. BTW, the families of victims from the Sandy Hook tragedy support gun control. I also went to a high school in Canada that was also a victim of school shooting. That tragedy led to stricter gun laws in Canada. I have had teachers who were students when the shooting occurred. They lost teachers and classmates that day. Again, I am okay if you have guns if you like hunting. But, the need for guns for personal safety is preposterous. There are other developed nations that are far safer then United States and have far stricter gun control. People in those countries have trust in their institutions. It is that trust that is broken in America that people feel the need to arm themselves. Anyway, I am glad to hear your perspective. I might not agree with it but you have the right to your opinions.

    • “If the people didn’t have guns, they wouldn’t be so vigilant. …”

      So before guns were invented people were not afraid of other people using force and violence against them? It was a Garden of Eden without violence before guns?


      If somehow you could wave your magic wand and “poof” guns were to disappear then the equation would go back to what it has always been during the vast majority of human existence -the large, the strong, those skilled with swords, knives, clubs, and fists use force against everyone else.

      At least with guns the poor little lady, maybe weighing 90lbs, had some chance of defending herself and her kids from a muscled thug intent on robbery and/or rape.

      “So basically, they are afraid of people like themselves?”

      No, there is a very real difference between the two. Lt. Col. Grossman described the difference as between wolves (criminals) and sheepdogs (police and those who use force in self defense). The rest, probably like you, are sheep – nice people who contribute to society but live delusion about the reality of evil and the necessity of defending against Google something like “Grossman sheepdogs wolves” and I bet you can find a copy of it.


  5. Like you, I do not understand the whole gun culture in America. Even more, I really fail to grasp the Americans’ fear of each other. If I lived in a place where I felt like I needed to arm myself (even with just a handmade childish bow and arrow) because I was afraid someone (who?!) might jump through my window in the middle of the night and slit my throat while raping me, I would no longer want to live in that society.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it is much appreciated.

  6. Well isn’t that just dandy, a Centrist Canuck doesn’t think we Americans need guns because we have law enforcement. Let me enlighten my friend from the north. Yes, we have law enforcement, unfortunately, we don’t have one assigned to each of us. We, apparently unlike you, have a personal responsibility to protect ourselves.

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