Toronto has the most ridiculous Mayor

I was a student at University of Toronto when Rob Ford was elected as the mayor. A lot of people in the downtown core despise him. Ford was able to win due to his anti-taxes, small government supporters from the suburban areas such as Scarborough and Etobicoke. No, 905 area (Brampton, Mississauga) were not involved. They have their own mayors. Now, recently Gawker alleges it saw a video of Ford smoking crack. I do not even know what to say. Just remember you picked the guy Torontonians. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed!

Now for some amusement-Rob Ford Gifs

P.S: The link to Gawker site has a whole list of Ford’s past uncouth behavior. Also, the post is kinda thin because I have no internet connection. Currently writing from a public library. I still haven’t finished my packing but exhaustion has set in. The moving day is coming closer and closer and I am panicking.


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