America is sugar and spice but not everything nice

This is a super quick post on my thoughts on what is going on in USA.

First of all DOMA was deemed unconstitutional. This means same sex couples have the right to get married just like straight couples. YAY! This news was such a sweet surprise.

Then. I heard that Governor Rick Perry decided to call second special session to pass one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Texas. This especially sucks because the awesome Senator Wendy Davis just defeated it last night. This seriously caused me heartburn. Not kidding. Why you gotta pee on my parade Texas?



Stay Safe Dear Albertans

Alberta is going through massive floods and other extreme weather. Already three people lost their lives. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families. Please stay safe. We have family friends who live in Calgary and we are getting in touch with them to make sure they are safe.

Here are some links that might be helpful:

Alberta Emergency Alert

Alberta Health Services

Information for Displaced Residents


BTW, I have been meaning to blog but had no time to even go on the internet for pleasure as it is extremely busy at the Law Firm. Sorry.


Why do Republicans hate women so much?

So it seems like GOP didn’t learn any lessons from the last Presidential election.  A large number of women came out to vote against them after some of their members made comments like “legitimate rape.” They are still trying to pass legislation that will curtail a woman’s right to get an abortion. Now, I am a firm believer that sex education helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and actually reduces the probability of women needing an abortion. I would also add that I cannot see myself ever getting an abortion but that’s my personal feeling on the subject. I have no right to impose my beliefs on another woman’s body. So an idiotic politician named Michael Burgess opposes abortion because he has seen male fetuses masturbate. Yup, you read that right! In this day and age, people still believe a male fetus should have more rights than an adult woman.

Happy Father’s Day

Go embarrass your dad with this cheesy Bollywood song. I did a rendition of this song today and my dad’s face was priceless.

Me and my siblings write cheeky cards for my dad and this year my brother wrote the most awful yet extremely hilarious father’s day card using Google translator for Hindi.  Instead of writing your son in Hindi, he wrote our son. Although that wasn’t the only mistake he made. Seriously though, appreciate your dad by giving him a nice present. They may not outwardly express it but they do enjoy getting a thoughtful present from their kids.

Happy Birthday Bhai

YAY! It is my brother’s birthday and already he is a young adult. Time flies so fast.  He is so busy right now and actually working on an art project for Nuit Blanche. Happy Birthday Ladoo.  Also promoting his blog because that’s what older sisters do. Designgute is a blog about photography so if you are into that, do not hesitate to click on the link.

I am singing my blues…

For the past 2 days, I’ve been sad. It didn’t make want to blog or go to my internship or do anything. I also felt extremely tired. I don’t know why I just suddenly became miserable, irritable and annoying. I suffered a mild case of depression 2 years ago. It lasted over 4 months. I am spiritual and I think I was being protected by some sort of divine energy that made me snap out of it. I sought help and I got better. Ever since then I have to fight to keep the funk away. It is always there at the edges. Sometimes it makes me not care about anything.  I know and have seen people who suffer from depression that has lasted years. I just don’t want to suffer the same fate. I am telling you even the milder bout of depression is scary. It is really hard to describe. You might seem normal from outside but you don’t really feel right inside. Anyway, I am out of the funk for now. I’ll try to post more regularly.

Here enjoy the Korean group Big bang’s song Blue. It is a pretty good song and I got my title from it. Also, stay positive people and never give up. Fighting!

So George Orwell was right?

By now you have all heard about PRISM. Basically all the Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc collaborated with the government by providing all the data to NSA. Yup, the American government has access to all your information. Now, I don’t think the government’s intention was bad and they probably are trying to save you from the next terrorist threat. But good intentions can have bad consequences. I think this “collaboration” is illegal and breaks the 4th Amendment. Now I know all these companies were accessing our information so they could sell us stuff. I am worried that people don’t take their privacy seriously. I told my dad about this and his response was, “the Government’s just trying to help us”. Yes, they probably are just trying to help us.  However,  they are already a powerful entity and do not need more power.

Changing Ourselves

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ― Leo Tolstoy

Last year, I was a whining, entitled twit who believed the world owed her something. “Why don’t they hire me? I am such a hard worker,” I whined to my parents. Yet, I didn’t have the skills to get the job. Sure there are people who get jobs through connections but I was just procrastinating and complaining. I am recently taking steps to get more work experience and doing an internship at a law firm. It is not paid but I learn valuable skills. So, let’s celebrate the first step to change. We are not changing the word but ourselves so we can be better. If you have recently decided to change yourself by acquiring a new skill, modifying your attitude or starting an exercising regimen, please share your story.

P.S: The photo on my header is by designgute. Please check out more photographs from him.

I am a delusional fan

Watch the video. It is bad, isn’t it? The song is horrid, the dance is cheesy. They are the Korean equivalent to One Direction although Jongdae is a great singer.

Jongdae (Chen)

Yet, I cannot stop liking them. These boys, they are such hard workers and they have creepy stalkerish teen fangirls who harass them. I just feel bad for them. Also, they are forced to do this song by their entertainment company. See, it is easy to make excuses. Their album is dropping on June 3. I will probably end up buying it. The rest of the songs are so much better especially Heart Attack. I have bad taste in music, right? Still can not stop liking them. Delusional Fan is me.