So George Orwell was right?

By now you have all heard about PRISM. Basically all the Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc collaborated with the government by providing all the data to NSA. Yup, the American government has access to all your information. Now, I don’t think the government’s intention was bad and they probably are trying to save you from the next terrorist threat. But good intentions can have bad consequences. I think this “collaboration” is illegal and breaks the 4th Amendment. Now I know all these companies were accessing our information so they could sell us stuff. I am worried that people don’t take their privacy seriously. I told my dad about this and his response was, “the Government’s just trying to help us”. Yes, they probably are just trying to help us.  However,  they are already a powerful entity and do not need more power.


3 thoughts on “So George Orwell was right?

  1. I must say I’m not surprised by the fact that the US government has access to our data. Still, what’s surprising is the extent to which private companies are willing to authorise the access. In the interests of full disclosure , they ought to make consumers of these services aware that they share everything with Big Brother.

  2. Well….although I love ol’ Mr. Orwell…..I’d rather say Huxley was right! Brave New World man…..the government won’t have to monitor us because we are all going to just self-medicate ourselves with drugs and stop reading…..Huxley was on to something 🙂

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