George Zimmerman is “not guilty”

I am not happy with the verdict. But, let’s stop blaming the jurors. We don’t know what instructions they got from the judge and it is not easy to be a juror. Remember that the prosecution job is to convince them that Zimmerman was guilty without reasonable doubt. They failed to do so. Rather than getting angry at jurors, defense lawyers or the judge, we should be angry at ourselves. What type of society are we living in where a young black teen is seen as a threat? Let’s look at our own hidden biases first before blaming other people.


One thought on “George Zimmerman is “not guilty”

  1. Because the Judge didn’t allow any of Zimmerman’s past indiscretions to be used in the trial I think the Jury made the right verdict based on what they were presented.

    I also think the prosecution charged Zimmerman with the wrong crime; 2nd degree murder is a lot harder to convict someone of and had they chosen something else there might have been a more convincing case for the jury.

    I’m one of those bleeding heart liberals when it comes to jury trials; if there aren’t first hand witnesses, camera’s, etc, i hate to say but I believe the jury should ere on the side of innocence. I would rather guilty people slip through the cracks of the system than innocent people be put in jail.

    The evidence we’ve been given by the media seems to indicate that Zimmerman harbors racism towards blacks. Hell the 911 recording seems to indicate as much. Zimmerman seems like a crazy, racist, nutjob; but unfortunately sometimes we have to let crazy people like him slip through the cracks in order to prevent the innocent from being put in jail…..

    its a tough system dude and it doesn’t always work.

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