Who are you?

A young Canadian woman…

Actually, I was compelled into starting a blog after Vancouver Premier Christy Clark’s ethnic vote scandal. The whole scandal revealed what is wrong with Canadian political landscape. The fact that she thought she could buy “ethnic vote’ by hosting a Bollywood award show. I was also angry that she thinks of South Asians as a bloc and not as individuals. Most importantly, the whole thing is a colossal waste of tax payers’ money during a tough economic period. Although, I am an Ontarian, I feel that all levels of government try to pander to various ethnic minorities using such gimmicks. It disgusts me that there is something called an “ethnic vote.” As a Canadian, I am worried about the economy, the environment, the health care system that is quite stressed, and the education system. These are the matters all Canadians care about and I’d rather the politicians work toward solving the issues rather than dancing with Bollywood stars.

So, is it about politics?

No, not really although I will probably end up writing about politics. It’s about experiences of a young South Asian (small-l) liberal Canadian woman. Basically, I am giving you a window to South Asian culture in Canada. BTW, my views are personal and I am not a spokesperson for all South Asian Canadians. There is a large diversity in views ranging from politics, religion to gender.

But, why should I care?

We are a large and growing minority. Plus, we are fun and we don’t bite. No, really, I don’t bite unless you are a piece of fudge brownie. Are you a delectable piece of fudge brownie?.

Can I ask a question about South Asian culture? Will you feel offended?

Sure, go ahead and ask me questions and I probably will not feel offended. This blog encourages open dialogue. Far too often, the comments on major blog sites range from overly political correct speak to downright vile and racist garbage. I like hearing variety of views as long as the tone is respectful.

Just don’t make me go:



8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Being from a minority is great. Most people don’t know anything about you or where you are coming from. That makes you scary or intriguing but at least interesting. I am just a white protestant American old guy with mainly English ancestry – totally boring. I am forced to be eccentric just to get noticed.
    Peace to you.

  3. Namaste…thank you for visiting and following my blog ~ it was so sweet of you 🙂 I look forward to reading yours ~ Lakshmi x

  4. Hello. I came by to thank you for visiting our blog and for the ‘like’ on the post about Varanasi. In case you’re interested there’s a second post about Varanasi, focusing on the life on the river
    And there’s a whole bunch of posts on India. Where you born there? It’s interesting being an expat. I’m an Aussie who’s lived inCanada for nearly 30 years and I’m still interested to read about Australia even tho I’m Canadian now. Well both really. I’ll always be both.
    I have little time for politicians, and applaud when people like you speak out! I seem to sign a lot of petitions.
    Thanks, and cheers

    • Thank you Alison. I will sure check out the other posts on your blog. Yeah, I was born in India but came here at the age of 12 and now am a Canadian citizen. I haven’t actually talked much about politics yet. There are a lot of scandals going on but I don’t feel liking writing anything substantive yet. I did do a post on Rob Ford. Thanks you for commenting.

      • You’re welcome. And thank you to you for following. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journeys, both inner and outer.

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