I am a delusional fan

Watch the video. It is bad, isn’t it? The song is horrid, the dance is cheesy. They are the Korean equivalent to One Direction although Jongdae is a great singer.

Jongdae (Chen)

Yet, I cannot stop liking them. These boys, they are such hard workers and they have creepy stalkerish teen fangirls who harass them. I just feel bad for them. Also, they are forced to do this song by their entertainment company. See, it is easy to make excuses. Their album is dropping on June 3. I will probably end up buying it. The rest of the songs are so much better especially Heart Attack. I have bad taste in music, right? Still can not stop liking them. Delusional Fan is me.



PSY is a major D-bag!

So, I ‘ve been a fan of K-pop since 2007. I like a lot of YG artists (record company of PSY). I was all excited for his new video. I know a lot of people were annoyed by Gangnam Style(it was overplayed). Also, a lot of people thought PSY was a one hit wonder. This is not true. He had success and recognition in South Korea way before Gangnam Style became a viral hit. People thought his songs had no value. Gangnam Style was a clever critique of the materialistic culture in Korea. So, I was excitedly looking forward to PSY’s Gentleman.

 Reaction before the video



Reaction after the video

Instead, I got a video where PSY is acting like a douche especially to ladies. If you look at PSY’s previous videos, he had self deprecating humor in it. This video was a rehash of Gangnam Style. What made this video tolerable was inclusion of Infinity cast members(weird dancers and yellow suit guy) and Ga-In(the chick who kicks his stool). PSY’s new video already has broken record but I hope in the future ¬†PSY goes back to being his original, awesome self.

BTW, the dance they do is a twist to Abracadabra dance by Brown Eyed Girls. Ga-In is a member of that group. Enjoy the original, glorious version.


P.S: I know this post has nothing to do with South Asia or Canada but fan girl gotta vent her frustration. I will go back to writing regular posts tomorrow.