Why doesn’t Canada use R2P to intervene in Syria?

Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is a doctrine that came out of Canada after the Rwandan Genocide. It has been accepted internationally and states that if a State is unable to protect its own citizenry, the international community can intervene in order to protect those citizens. R2P is not an international law but is mandated by the UN. Military action is seen as the last resort and other measures such as economic sanctions are encouraged. Canada has used R2P  to successfully  protect civilians during the war in Kosovo. We all know Syria is fighting a massive, bloody Civil War. Then, why is there a reluctance to intervene? Why hasn’t the diplomatic community not been successful in getting Russia acquiesce to our demands. Russia is a permanent member of the UN security Counsel and has the power to veto any actions. They support the Syrian regime as does Iran. So, far any attempt by the UN to have a ceasefire has failed. More and more people are dying. Is the reluctance because we are currently fighting another war in Afghanistan? Or simply, we only intervene in countries that are much weaker then us. Are we afraid of what will emerge in post-Bashar Syria? Western countries have a history of supporting dictators because they listen to us. Will Syria turn into another Rwanda? Regardless of the outcome of who will prevail in the Syrian war, the minorities are in a perilous situation. We need clear answers from our government. Do you want to help or not?

I need answers.


The curious case of Boston Bombing Suspects

If you are reading this, you already know that the two suspects were identified as Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. One of the suspects is dead after a shootout where he killed an MIT police officer. The other is on run, armed and dangerous.

They both hail from Chechnya which has a long, turbulent political history. When the FBI released the pictures of suspect, the most uncouth behaviour by commentators started. Some of the people on the political left hoped they were white. Some on the right hoped they were brown and Muslim. They turned out to be white and Muslim. Yes, Chechens are white according to U.S census. While the FBI and the Boston police were investigating and doing their job catching these perpetrators, media decided to speculate and mess up people’s lives. Hence, a Bangladeshi man was attacked by a bunch of racist dudes because you know he was brown and Muslim. Sunil Tripathi and Mike Mulugeta were misidentified as  suspects by redditors because police chatter is so conclusive? It is not. We still don’t know if Sunil is alive or not. He went missing before the bombings and his family was trying to search for him.

This is why normal citizens who are not part of law enforcement should lay off speculating. You are not a detective; you do not have the training or the skills. If you think someone is a suspect, contact the police. They follow up the tips to see if it is legit or not. Media is culpable by not vetting their sources and just making up a bunch of theories.

Hope all the people who were misidentified sue the hell out of media companies. Hope Sunil’s parents find out his whereabouts. Hope the second suspect is caught without bloodshed. We don’t need more by-standers and brave police officers losing their lives.

Update: Dzhokar Tsarnev is caught alive. Bravo to the law enforcement in United States. Their competence and professionalism more then made up for the kerfuffle caused by the media.

The Vancouver Boondoggle: TOIFA Scandal

Yeah, updating you guys on the TOIFA scandal.


 TOIFA stands for the Times of India Film Awards being held in Vancouver. Basically, the provincial Liberal government is spending $11 million on the whole thing, hoping to attract investments from India. They are also trying to woo the votes from the South Asian community.

Well, what is the problem?   

You can read a little bit about the scandal on this page. Holding an award show to woo ethnic votes is just stupid. It is also a waste of money. The local B.C Film industry is also against this award. I live in Ontario, and the previous Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty also hosted a Bollywood award show called the IIFAs. They went from majority to minority in the House. I doubt the South Asian voters were thinking of IIFA while voting. The liberals in Ontario were particularly punished by the rural communities. They held their seats in the 905 area but many voted due to fear of Conservatives getting power. My dad is a huge fan of Bollywood and he went to a lot of events to see the Glamorous Bollywood stars. I don’t think he even cared about the Politicians nor was he thankful they held an award show. Plenty of Bollywood actors come to Canada to promote movies and then there is TIFF. There is not a dearth of actors from all over the world coming to promote their movies. The government doesn’t really need to promote Canada in India. Believe me, many Indians know about Canada. That is why it is such an attractive destination for immigrants.

Another thing, both IIFA and TOIFA claim to be Bollywood Oscars. However, that distinction goes to the Film Fare awards held in Mumbai. They have the longest history and the trophies are more coveted. The most prestigious awards are the National awards that are always held in India. So, the marketing over hypes these awards. I am sure plenty of South Asian fans will purchase the ticket to see their favorite Indian actors and actresses but the awards could have been held without government support.

Furthermore, the Globe and Mail posted an article about how some of the staff from TOIFA was making racist demands. They didn’t want South Asian vendors because they would be too star struck.  Umm, yeah.


Anyhow, it is up to the people of British Columbia. I guess they will have to evaluate the Liberal government’s performance. If most of them are happy, they will get re-elected and if not, they will see another party in power. Hopefully, during the democratic process aka elections, lessons will be learned. For instance, try to not to buy up ethnic votes using glitzy award shows and stop insulting ethnic minorities. We are no sheep.

Dear White Canadians, Brown people like Christmas too!

Okay, I was inspired to write this post after a real-life incident that happened with my Dad.  A truck driver at my Dad’s workplace outright accused my Dad and other minorities for the reason Canadians (meaning him and other white people) cannot celebrate Christmas openly.

Now, I didn’t know Christmas was under a threat. I haven’t heard of any one getting shot in the gut if they uttered the words Merry Christmas in Canada. First of all, there are people from countries like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka etc. who are Christians. That means, they go to the Church and celebrate Christmas. On top of that, plenty of Non-Christians like Hindus and Sikhs also celebrate Christmas because it’s been secularized and commercialized to a large extent. I know that in India, Christmas is a national Holiday and plenty of malls, luxury hotels and shops have Christmas decorations. So, no one feels offended when they see Christmas trees and mall Santa Claus.  In fact, everything is prettier and there are awesome deals to have. Also, plenty of Hindus, Sikhs and Jain just leave the Diwali lights on for Christmas. No point of taking it down after just a day; plus the house looks pretty with the lights on.

What, I think that truck driver was talking about was the use of Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas in various public institutions such as the schools. Guess what, if even one parent complains about the holiday because they feel it encroaches upon their religious freedom, good bye Merry Christmas, hello Happy Holidays. In addition, there are plenty of atheists who might feel a religious holiday has no place in a public institution. People might just be overly political correct because they don’t want to offend anyone.

Anyway, don’t be ignorant fools and look forward to the Winter Solstice coming in December.

P.S: I know not all white Canadians think like that. The title is tongue in cheek.

P.P.S: Er, there is a reason I have used the word white rather then Caucasian.  I think this Wikipedia definition sums it up:

Caucasian race (also CaucasoidEuropid, or Europoid) is the general physical type of some or all of the populations of EuropeNorth Africa, the Horn of AfricaWestern Asia/Middle EastAsia MinorCentral Asia and South Asia.[2] Historically, the term meant people from these regions, without regard necessarily to skin tone