America is sugar and spice but not everything nice

This is a super quick post on my thoughts on what is going on in USA.

First of all DOMA was deemed unconstitutional. This means same sex couples have the right to get married just like straight couples. YAY! This news was such a sweet surprise.

Then. I heard that Governor Rick Perry decided to call second special session to pass one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Texas. This especially sucks because the awesome Senator Wendy Davis just defeated it last night. This seriously caused me heartburn. Not kidding. Why you gotta pee on my parade Texas?



Why do Republicans hate women so much?

So it seems like GOP didn’t learn any lessons from the last Presidential election.  A large number of women came out to vote against them after some of their members made comments like “legitimate rape.” They are still trying to pass legislation that will curtail a woman’s right to get an abortion. Now, I am a firm believer that sex education helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and actually reduces the probability of women needing an abortion. I would also add that I cannot see myself ever getting an abortion but that’s my personal feeling on the subject. I have no right to impose my beliefs on another woman’s body. So an idiotic politician named Michael Burgess opposes abortion because he has seen male fetuses masturbate. Yup, you read that right! In this day and age, people still believe a male fetus should have more rights than an adult woman.