Trying new things isn’t always so easy

I am a picky eater. I am also vegetarian. This means that I quite¬†consciously¬†exclude certain food groups from my diet. However, despite being a vegetarian, I will try something new once. This was a rule my parents came up with when I was young. So, I tried vegetarian sushi yesterday. My brother who had sushi before liked it a lot. So, in some ways I was excited to try it. Anyway, the whole experience was rather gross. Since, I paid for most of the food, I felt a lot of regret. I could have gone for Dosa or some Ravioli. In hindsight, it was a waste of money, yet I did gain a valuable experience. I tried a new cuisine, didn’t like it. Now, I know I hate Sushi. Anyway, despite the terrible experience of last night, I will keep trying new things. I want to try some Korean dishes but I’ll get my mom to prepare them at home. I don’t enjoy paying money for terrible food. Anyway, I heard some dishes in Korea use gochujang(a spicy red pepper paste). Yeah, I just need to stick with spicy foods or dishes with lots of cheese and butter. Now, I am craving quiche. Dang it!

Have you ever had a terrible experience with certain cuisine? Was it too spicy or bland for you? Was it the texture that made the dish horrible?