I am singing my blues…

For the past 2 days, I’ve been sad. It didn’t make want to blog or go to my internship or do anything. I also felt extremely tired. I don’t know why I just suddenly became miserable, irritable and annoying. I suffered a mild case of depression 2 years ago. It lasted over 4 months. I am spiritual and I think I was being protected by some sort of divine energy that made me snap out of it. I sought help and I got better. Ever since then I have to fight to keep the funk away. It is always there at the edges. Sometimes it makes me not care about anything.  I know and have seen people who suffer from depression that has lasted years. I just don’t want to suffer the same fate. I am telling you even the milder bout of depression is scary. It is really hard to describe. You might seem normal from outside but you don’t really feel right inside. Anyway, I am out of the funk for now. I’ll try to post more regularly.

Here enjoy the Korean group Big bang’s song Blue. It is a pretty good song and I got my title from it. Also, stay positive people and never give up. Fighting!


I have been attacked

Dear readers, I’ve been very troubled for the past 2 days. You see, I have been attacked by Pimplus Eruptus. Okay, it is just a bad case of acne that I never had to experience as a teenager. Lest you think I am exaggerating, I will let you know that I am also getting a pimple at the tip of my nose. Who gets a pimple at that spot? This month has been extremely stressful for me and maybe I am not eating well. I am trying a new skincare routine to battle the blemishes but seriously, I am not liking the way my face looks. Plus, it gets itchy and painful. Yes, this is a superfluous blog post. I understand there is war and famine going on in other parts of the world. But, my face still belongs to me and I can’t get rid of it.  It really impacts the way I feel. Any suggestions on how to battle blemishes? Home remedies? I do have sensitive skin so nothing with lemon. My face will turn into an angrier shade of red.

P.S: Give me one more week to settle into the new home and then I will update regularly. Also, I promise to post picture of the new place.

We worry about insignificant things

Yesterday, I slipped on the stairs and hit my head hard on the edge. At that moment, fear took hold of me and I thought, is this it? Will I die? Luckily, I was fine and just got a big bump on my head and bruises on my legs. In that brief moment, I had an Epiphany. I realized that most of us spend our whole lives worrying about insignificant things. How many of us stress over our commute to work everyday? Do we get all nervous when we are late? How about stressing over our appearance? We spend most of our lives thinking about these things and consequentially are unhappy. Now, I am not saying, do not take things in life seriously. Coming to work on time is good but you can only control so many things in your life. If there is bad traffic and you left work on time, you cannot do anything. Stop being irritable. Just take a deep breath. You are alive and this means that you have the rest of day to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Relax and enjoy life because it can be gone any moment. Really we all need to cherish our lives because it is precious.

We sabotage our own happiness

I feel like my life would be so much more beautiful, if I just let myself be happy. I do not put the effort on my appearance and then complain about guys being superficial. I have a million things I want to pursue but do not do them. Instead, I make excuses. I am not happy but that is because happiness takes effort. You have to fake it until you feel it. You have to fake the smiles, act confident, look good, and then you can feel good. But, I do not do any of this despite knowing it will change my life for better. I think I have learned to wallow in self-pity. So, yeah I sabotage my own happiness, criticize myself but do not do anything about it. Today, I realized you need to put as much effort in yourself as you do in your job, education and your family. I am giving myself 2 weeks to make some meaningful changes and break the bad habits. I’ll let you know if I succeed or fail.

Brown Parent Quirks: Discussing Bowel Movements Publicly

Your parents can embarrass you in ways that no one can. My parents love discussing the bowel movements of their children. This is a typical conversation in my family.

Me: My stomach hurts.

Dad: Did you go the bathroom?

Me (embarrassed): Yes, Dad.

Dad: It’s probably constipation. Go, drink some water and try again.

Me (defensive): It could be something else…Maybe I ate something…

Dad: Nah, pretty sure its constipation. By the way, I asked at work and my colleague told me about this home cure. She said your daughter’s stomach will feel better.

Me (mortified and angry): Why do you have to do this? Why? Stop talking about me at work!


My parents cracked jokes about this topic with their friends in front of me. They are so mean.


P.S: I will do a follow up to my previous post. I just need time to edit my draft.