Brown Parent Quirks: Sucking at Technology

One of the quirks of my parent that both amuses me and annoys me is their inability to learn and use technology.

Dad: Beta, can you come down please? Beta, Beta, please, come down. I’ve been calling you for soooo long. Come down.

Me: Dad, what?                                                                      

Dad: Can you put this DVD on.

Me: Seriously, Dad you called me for this.

Dad: You guys are so lazy. You do nothing around the house. I ask you to do a little thing. All you do is complain, complain. When you have kids, you will know.

Me: Okay, I’ll teach you again. You click the on button. Then you click open. You put the DVD in…

Two days later

Beta, come down please. I clicked the wrong button. Look what happened to the TV…

So, the cycle repeats itself.


P.S: My name is not Beta. It is the Hindi word for son or child. Beti is the Hindi word for daughter. But, since I was a tomboy when I was little, they affectionately sometime call me Beta.