Bad Idea: Rape is so ‘lulzy’, let’s use it to sell stuff

So, some advertisement company in India decided to sell Ford cars using this:

ford's misogynist adBecause look rape is so funny and clever. Aren’t you laughing?

Currently India is in news for the gang rapes of Delhi woman and the Swiss tourist .

Women who are victims get constantly blamed for being raped. For the Delhi woman, it was her clothes, and that it was late at night and she was with a male companion who wasn’t her husband. She was independent, educated and was probably going to have a better future then the men who attacked, raped and murdered her.  How dare she be successful and independent?

The Swiss couple were blamed because they were in a rural area and she was wearing western clothes. Oh, and she was white. They are known for their loose morals, those evil western women.

There was also a poor Dalit woman who was raped and the police officer hearing her complaint chided her by saying she was too old and undesirable to be a victim.

Contrast this to the news that a Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt who was convicted to “five years in jail after upholding his conviction under Arms Act for illegally possessing prohibited weapons including an AK-56 rifle, which was part of the consignment of weapons and explosives brought to India for the 1993 coordinated serial blasts in Mumbai by Dawood Ibrahim and associates.”-Hindustan Times

What were some of the responses by very influential people in India? Oh, it was a mistake. It wasn’t his fault. He was so young back then. He has young children. He is a good person and a good actor.

So, a man breaks the law and is finally sentenced for his crime. People see it as a travesty of justice.

However, if a woman is attacked, burned, raped and mistreated, it is her fault because she should know better.

To dumb advertisers and rape apologists: