Dear Americans, I do not understand your obsession with guns?

I do not understand America’s gun culture in the 21st century. I do not understand why individuals need guns to protect themselves in the present day. There is no reason to worry as you have law enforcement officers. It is not like America is an anarchist state and people need guns to survive. Institutions work fine in America. Sure, there is some corruption but not to the extent it cripples their ability to perform given tasks. You have had tragedies after tragedies and people advocating gun control. Yet some people in America act like if the the government passes such bills, it is stealing their right to breathe air. Plenty of other countries have stringent gun laws and are much safer than America. So, why do you want guns so badly? I am all for you firing guns at a shooting range because you find it fun. Why do you need it in your homes? Some deranged individual opened fire at Mother’s Day Parade in New Orleans yesterday but people still do not want to take any actions to solve this problem. I do not think Americans will ever ban guns but at least pass stringent background checks on individuals obtaining firearms. Do something at least?


Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day  in Canada. I just gifted my mom a new pressure cooker and some fancy Kitchen towels. LOL, she was pleasantly surprised. I told you my mom loves practical gifts.  I will now leave you with a Bollywood song that celebrates Motherhood  It is my mom’s favorite song as well.

Mother’s Day Presents for Frugal Mama

So, Mother’s Day is this weekend on Sunday. I am sure most people have already bought something for their lovely moms. If not, go buy her something nice or at least send her a card and a nice bouquet of flowers. My mother is hard to gift. She only likes something practical and not too expensive. Since, I am a poor student, she doesn’t like me spending money on “extravagant” gifts. I wanted to buy her a perfume but she went ahead and bought it for herself. I would buy her clothes but she would need to pick it herself and I want the presents to be a surprise. She doesn’t like brand name stuff unless it is heavily discounted. My mother would seriously ask me to return the coach wallet I was eyeing.  So, I bought her some practical stuff for the Kitchen. She needs it so she will not find it a waste of money. I guess I will have to clean the whole house and cook something for her. It will give her some time to relax and unwind. We are moving so it is a crazy stressful time for everybody. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and be extra nice to their mothers.

P.S: I almost did not post today because I was feeling lousy. Time is running out and we still have so much packing to do.