Brown Parent Quirks: Comparing children

Brown parents have a habit of comparing their children to other relatives/friends/neighbors/colleagues offspring.

Typical conversations in our family.

Mom: You know my friend at work. Her daughter is 12 but cooks all the food at home. Look at you, you are so old but lazy.

Me: Mom, I am busy with school.

Mom: Busy? You just laze around. Go learn to cook some dal.


Dad: You know our neighbor  I was talking to him and he has a daughter around your age. She is a pharmacist. You know she has a good job and makes lots of money.

Me: But, I love History and Political Science.

Dad: What will you do with a B.A? At least go to Teacher’s college?


Both Parents (when they vacationed in India): We saw some of your childhood friends from India. They are so smart, mature and pretty. Look at you? Who will marry you?

Me: Who wants to get married? Not me. Nope.

Mom (Horrified): Don’t say that! You will get married. Not now but eventually. If you follow my advice, you will be healthy and pretty.


My parents are perpetually annoyed with me



Brown Parent Quirks: Worrywarts

Mom calling on the phone: Beta, you are late today?

Me: Yeah, my classes just ended. I will get the bus soon.

Mom: Too late! Why will they have classes so late? Kids should be at home by 8pm, especially young girls.

Me: Mom, I am not a kid but an adult. Also, this is Toronto. There are plenty of people outside.

Mom: You are a kid. You are not an adult until I say so. When you get married, then we will see if you are an adult.


BTW, My mom worries about my safety even when I walk down the block. We will be moving to a new place in a month or so. Maybe she will stop worrying????



P.S: I woke up today feeling quite unwell. I have a stuffy nose, sore throat and itchy eyes. I don’t know if it is allergies? Anyhow, I will be going to see my family doctor. I may or may not have a post up tomorrow. I will see if I am feeling better.

Brown Parent Quirks: Being cheap

Mom: What did you get from the store?

Me: Oh, there was a shirt on sale.

Mom: How much?

Me: $20. Good price, right?

Mom: Too expensive. Should have waited a little longer. Could have gotten it for $5.Can you return it?



BTW, I have learned to love my parent’s frugality. Must concede that they are right most of the time.