Do you guys like the new header?

The image in the header is of Toronto by my brother. HeĀ is an avid photographer and uses analog cameras rather then digital. He also did the font and is a design student. Last year, he was picked for Lomo matrix event in Toronto. Me and my brother are planning to do a collaboration design/lifestyle blog in the future. But, don’t worry this blog will always get the priority. Any suggestions on improving the blog will be very helpful.

Thanks and lots of love from moi


So, the RCMP foiled a terrorist attack in Canada

According to the Globe and Mail, 2 teens from Ontario were arrested in a plot to blow up VIA train. They were immigrants!

I can’t even…I just can’t. I wasn’t even going to post today because my grandma got hurt. People cannot drive in India. I am already annoyed. This..just..ugh!