Happy Ram Navami

After the events of last night, and the new rape case in India, I was full of anger. All those negative feelings caused me a lot of anxiety.Today, I went to the temple and actually had great time. It really calmed me down. I prayed for the victims and for the recovery of the little angel. Ram Navami is a festival celebrating the birthday of Lord Rama. Yes, India is a land of festivals. Everyone in the temple was extra sweet today and we had delicious food cooked by the devotees. Anyway, I hope to be more positive and hope the good people outnumber the bad ones.


Good Friday Canada!

So, this is the Easter weekend and I know a lot of people are probably attending Church. I have decided to enjoy the day and I am not going to post anything substantial. Just wanted to greet all my readers. If you are in Canada, enjoy your long weekend. I will write a regular post tomorrow.

Here, I leave you with a Happy Pony

happy pony