Thank you racist folks!

All the racists finally forced me back to write shit about them. Yes, I am back. A lot happened in my personal life while I was inactive. I had already hinted at health problems in the family but there was also a car accident. Luckily, my dad is okay but now we don’t have a car. Also, I am in school and it is crazy hectic. So, yeah with all the crappy things in life, I just didn’t want to blog. Oh, and I also forgot my password. Yeah, I am ashamed. But, now back to the racists. First, the new Miss America is of Indian descent. Yeah, go Nina Davaluri. Oh, wait some people were jealous and decided to display all their ignorance. Then, a Sikh-American professor from Columbia University gets beaten up by bunch a racist assholes. In both cases, racist idiots thought Brown people=Terrorists. Let me tell you one thing, you scumbags (I mean the racists, not the sweet readers) brown does not equal terrorist. There was also a real terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya and guess what, a bunch of innocent civilians died. Some of the victims had brown skin. I know, this might seem like a revelation but brown people are also victim of terrorism. Oh, and not all of us are Muslim. Even if someone is Muslim, it doesn’t automatically mean they are terrorists. Muslims are victims of terrorism too. Yup, it’s true. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you still do not believe me, then you are a racist douchenozzle who deserves to lick Hitler’s poop in Hell.

The End


So George Orwell was right?

By now you have all heard about PRISM. Basically all the Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc collaborated with the government by providing all the data to NSA. Yup, the American government has access to all your information. Now, I don’t think the government’s intention was bad and they probably are trying to save you from the next terrorist threat. But good intentions can have bad consequences. I think this “collaboration” is illegal and breaks the 4th Amendment. Now I know all these companies were accessing our information so they could sell us stuff. I am worried that people don’t take their privacy seriously. I told my dad about this and his response was, “the Government’s just trying to help us”. Yes, they probably are just trying to help us.  However,  they are already a powerful entity and do not need more power.

Praying for Oklahoma

Oklahoma and other American states were hit by Tornadoes. The devastation there is really quite something. I couldn’t look at the pictures on various news site. Many people died in the aftermath including children. Praying for the families living there. I am posting a link to Oklahoma’s Department of Emergency. Stay safe!

Dear Americans, I do not understand your obsession with guns?

I do not understand America’s gun culture in the 21st century. I do not understand why individuals need guns to protect themselves in the present day. There is no reason to worry as you have law enforcement officers. It is not like America is an anarchist state and people need guns to survive. Institutions work fine in America. Sure, there is some corruption but not to the extent it cripples their ability to perform given tasks. You have had tragedies after tragedies and people advocating gun control. Yet some people in America act like if the the government passes such bills, it is stealing their right to breathe air. Plenty of other countries have stringent gun laws and are much safer than America. So, why do you want guns so badly? I am all for you firing guns at a shooting range because you find it fun. Why do you need it in your homes? Some deranged individual opened fire at Mother’s Day Parade in New Orleans yesterday but people still do not want to take any actions to solve this problem. I do not think Americans will ever ban guns but at least pass stringent background checks on individuals obtaining firearms. Do something at least?

Nerdy Sundays: Pew Survey Edition

Do you think you know more about Science and Technology than average Americans? Do you care to find out? Then take this quiz at Pew Research Center. It is a quick, short quiz. After taking the quiz, tell me about your results. Be honest. I got 12 out of 13. Not happy. The questions are very easy, so do not be worried. I think your results will be better then mine. I know all my readers to be very smart because I read your blogs and you all write thoughtful, interesting posts.  Anyway, I am a Canadian who is smarter then average Americans even though I totally messed up one of my answers. If you want to remain anonymous, just send me an e-mail. There is no naming and shaming in this blog.

BTW, if you cooperate and comment, it might lead to a more serious discussion about education in US and Canada.

Looking forward to your results.

Boston Marathon Explosion: Praying for Boston

Update: 3 people have died and at least 130 people have been injured. Kudos to the first responders who are working diligently.  My prayers and thoughts for the families who lost their loved ones.


So, there have been two explosions at Boston Marathon today. 2 people lost their lives and 23 are injured. Since it is a still developing story, I will refrain from speculating.  Everyone just stay safe. Praying for the people of Boston! Hope they catch the perpetrator fast. Here is a link to Huffpost.


Let’s talk about racism in North America

Ooh, we are talking about a sensitive topic. I think one of the reasons it is so hard to have a proper discussion about racism is that people’s initial reaction is of defensiveness. There are also anti-discrimination laws put into place (for good reason) and people fear losing their jobs. So, people will deny that their behavior was racist. However, the most important reason is that people think of racists as monsters.

I am not racist because I am not Hitler.

I am not racist because I am not Hitler.


I do not subscribe to this ideology. I cannot be racist.

I do not subscribe to this ideology. I cannot be racist.

But, nope that is not the reality. Most folks who say something prejudicial and discriminatory are your “average Joe”. They might even be “good people”. They are your neighbors,  friends, and co-workers. Or it might be you. People get defensive when get called on their racial prejudice because they think we are comparing them to the most extreme, hateful segments of society. In their mind, they are not Nazis or part of KKK.

Guess what, when people call you out on your racism, they aren’t accusing you of being a Nazi. They are however stating that your remarks are wrong and very hurtful to that person. In fact, if you are called out on your racial prejudice, introspect on how your remark, behavior and action can affect a person negatively. You might just become a better person after it. Just apologize to the person who feels they have been made to feel inferior due to your careless remarks. Half the time, I see people say dumb things out of sheer ignorance. Refer to my first blog post. People say dumb things because they don’t know better.

Sometimes, people think they aren’t doing anything wrong because they might have a friend from that racial group. For example, I am not racist because I have a black friend. I am allowed to say the N word right? No, you are not. When my brother was in high school, I overheard him say the N word. I was appalled. His reasoning was all my black friends say I can use it. Nope, you still don’t have the right even if they give you “permission.” It is one thing for a young black man to reclaim a word that was historically used to dehumanize them. It is another thing for anyone else to use the word because rappers use it and it will make them seem cool. Guess what, N word isn’t cool. It has got such an appalling history to it. Why would you want to utter such a word? After I explained the racial history behind the word, my brother regretted his speech and has been more thoughtful about his behavior.

We all make mistakes. We all say something stupid out of ignorance. It happens quite frequently in Canada. We have people from all over the world. I have made the same mistake. Learn to accept your mistake and be more aware of your actions. Let’s not generalize or stereotype people. You might have a negative experience with a person from a particular cultural background. Understand this: there are good and bad people everywhere. That individual was negative. Let’s not make assumptions based on their skin color.



P.S: I don’t think I gave full justice to a topic like racism. It is such a complex issue. I didn’t talk about how racism is a social construct because I am not talking g about it in an academic way. I feel regardless of your race, you might have felt uncomfortable about someone’s remark or you might have been called out on a prejudicial remark.  I just feel we shouldn’t demonize people but educate them and start an honest discussion about race.